Tutoring Quad

The trusted way to manage your institution’s tutoring program - the platform students, tutors and Administrators love.

QuadC helps institutions connect students to their institution’s tutoring resources – both online and in-person. We improve communication and collaboration between student peers, administrators, professors, advisors, mentors, and coaches. And with hassle-free scheduling, matching workflows and powerful analytics, our partners realize increased student retention, improved productivity, and more streamlined operations.

QuadC works the way you need it to

  • Customized scheduling workflow for easier session coordination
  • Reporting and analytics that offer you more insights on tutoring programs
  • Easy-to-use administrative monitoring tools for all user activity
  • Tutor profile listings based on availability, subject matter, courses and location.
  • Comprehensive tutor schedule overview for easy tracking tutors availability
  • Online classroom for greater accessibility
  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • In-person, on-line, or hybrid – one platform to manage it all. 
  • Engaging user experience
  • Make the right match
  • Communicate with students, their way
  • Track everything
  • Integrate for a better experience
  • Actionable feedback that helps tutors get better and better 
  • Minimize admin time with dashboards, reports and surveys
  • One platform for the entire institution
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