Create a faculty learning community and watch student success and engagement rise

Our Faculty Quad is a mentoring platform that enables seamless communication and collaboration between all members of your faculty.
Our integrated learning community platform scales no matter the size of your faculty, or how many online communities you wish to have. If you also need the services provided by our other Quads, they integrate with the online faculty platform. No need to switch between programs.

Build a community of educators

The History of Mentoring

The term is derived from the name of the teacher, Mentor, whom Odysseus, King of Ithaca, trusted more than his own family to raise his son while he was away fighting the Trojan War. In its ideal form, it describes a selfless relationship guided by a wiser, more experienced person.

Top 10 Benefits of Faculty Mentoring

How it works

Browse Faculty Mentor and Mentee Profiles

Faculty browse each other's profiles, identifying stories, expertise, and backgrounds that resonate. Our powerful search and filtering makes it easy for every participant to find the perfect match.

Scheduling Made Easy

Find availability via profiles or search for dates and times that fit their schedule, either way we make it easy. Sessions can be set up as 1-on-1 or in groups. Our platform automatically sends out reminder notices so each session goes off without a hitch.

Video Conferencing Included

Once a session is booked, a calendar invite is sent to all parties with the QuadC video conference link included. If you want to integrate with Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams we have you covered.



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