Alumni Quad

Easily manage your institution’s alumni program

Scale connections between students and alumni

Our Alumni Quad makes matching students with alumni mentors easy. Build a true learning community by fostering deep connections that inspire, nurture and grow.

Students benefit by being introduced to someone who has been there and lived to tell the tale. Alumni benefit by giving back, sharing their passions, and developing relationships that can last a lifetime. Your school benefits by having a platform that is easy to launch and even easier to maintain. Build a positive feedback loop for alumni learning and mentorship in one cohesive learning community platform.

Scale your alumni engagement without scaling the team

How it works

Browse Profiles

Students and Alumni browse each other’s profiles, identifying stories, expertise and backgrounds that resonate. Our powerful search and filtering makes it easy for every participant to find the perfect match. 

Scheduling Made Easy

Find availability via profiles or search for dates and times that fit your schedule, either way we make it easy. Sessions can be set up as 1-on-1 or in groups. Our platform automatically sends out reminder notices so each session goes off without a hitch. 

Video Conferencing Included

Once a session is booked, a calendar invite is sent to all parties with the QuadC video conference link included. If you want to integrate with Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams we have you covered.



Want to see the Alumni Quad in action?

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